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On our ongoing effort we develop a unique and customized service to meet the specific needs of each client and their property in our portfolio. We ensure the property possessors and the tenants have perfect match and are provided with the best quality service. Your property will be well taking care of and real estate investment stress free.

We are happy to offer:

Property preparation for lease upon request

  • Cosmetics and necessary improvements

  • Property inspection & supreme cleaning for outstanding look & listing


Finding and screening prospect tenants to locate ideal dwellers

  • Listing and advertising property

  • Interviewing and qualifying potential tenants:

                               Reference and creditworthiness check

                               Employment confirmation and income verification

                               Tenancy insurance and etc

  • Arranging property showings

  • Negotiating lease agreement terms and conditions

  • Submitting application for lease approval

Preparation of Lease Agreement based on negotiated terms and conditions

Monitoring tenants move-in process and move out obligations

  • Confirming that all deposits are collected/returned

  • Ensuring that documents are gathered, agreements signed and folded properly

  • Checking if tenants move-in successfully and have taken possession of the property accordingly

  • To instruct and acquaint tenants with common policies (garbage removal schedules, proper parking, utility bills payment, proper surrounding maintenance and etc).

  • Coordinating ongoing residence as of Landlord and Tenant legislation


Monthly rent collection

Property management and supervision within lease agreement terms and conditions

Arranging property maintenance and repairs as required

Managing tenant communications and resolving any disputes arrived

Commencing all appropriate legal proceedings to solve problems in the most efficient and courteous manner

Lease agreement endings and successful tenant vacating

Much more...

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